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Dive into the fun-filled universe of Future Chicken. Meet Potato, Frittata and the Planet Protectors in hilarious nature-filled videos.

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Full of humour and nature. Why not explore our BITE-SIZED SHORTS?

Whether it’s a relaxing ASMR nature Video, new eco-inventions or a mystery adventure with Bello the Mushroom, our YouTube channel is where You’ll find FUN, FACTS AND INSPIRATION!

Potato Hosts the Today Show

Future Chicken Today Show

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, guests will be interviewed by the FIRST EVER animated chicken host!

The Future Chicken Today Show features a lively and sometimes surprising interview with a notable guest that offers inspiring yet honest views of our global environment to help kids see the positive possibilities.

We have some super exciting guests lined up, with dates and where you can watch to follow shortly.

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Potato the Chicken
Frittata the Egg

A Planet Positive

Listen to Future Chicken Squawkarama – a planet positive podcast!

Whether they’re herding crickets or testing their high-tech Rocket Pants, Potato and Frittata are always seeking new eco-solutions.

When things don’t go as planned, they turn to their inspiring friends like Gaming YouTuber Mackenzie Turner, ‘The Trash Man’ Robin Greenfield or Olympian Penny Oleksiak for help. A podcast for all kids and families that love the planet!

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Potato the Chicken

ClearWaterKids Challenge

ClearWaterKids Challenge

Where learning about nature meets real-world action, join Planet Protectors, Ava and Ben on their ClearWaterKids Challenges.

Set at CLEARWATER FARM each episode is a fun-filled exploration of ecology in action with challenges deployed by our hero – Potato the chicken.

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