ClearWater Farm

Step into the virtual ClearWater ECO-FARM, where Potato the Chicken will show you around!

Play games, collect cards and trade them at the trading tree, decorate your own Yurt and so much more.

Play Future Chicken on Roblox


Get set for an epic adventure in "Escape Bathroom Obby With Future Chicken"! You'll shrink down and tackle 30 awesome stages in a massive house. Run, jump, and conquer quirky challenges while picking up cool eco-friendly tips on water conservation, saving electricity, and more. Guided by the awesome Potato the Chicken from 2050, you'll not only have a blast but also score exclusive Future Chicken UGC gear and handy tools. From dodging toothpaste to kitchen safety, each stage blends fun with important lessons.

The Bio Barn, your final stop, is loaded with futuristic goodies and even a chance for time travel. So gear up to run, jump, and learn in this mega eco-conscious journey through a gigantic house!

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Get ready for an adventure like no other!

Play Future Chicken: Eco Quest!

Meet Potato the Chicken and travel back in time from 2050 through portals in the BioBarn to solve puzzles and put your skills to the test.

Your mission? Gather inventions for the prestigious BioBarn’s Hall of Invention and witness how these creations evolved into greener, more sustainable marvels to support the future.

Run, jump and slide to find the hidden eco-inventions. Collect and take each one back to Circuitree in the BioBarn to find out how the invention helped the environment and the future!

Put your investigative skills to the test and help save the planet!