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A single beautiful tree in a grassy field with a blue sky

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Experiments, Watching and Reflecting,

Trees, Please

Trees are essential to life on the planet. Among many things, they provide food and shelter for other living organisms, reduce soil erosion, store carbon and produce oxygen, essential for our very survival. Forests are important to our planet and we need to protect them. Find out more about trees through activities, experiments, and discussions. Trees, […]

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Young asian boy hugging a tree

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Watching and Reflecting,

Make a Nature Rubbing

Get ready to learn all about bark by art with Potato the Chicken! Get outside and all you need are trees, paper and crayons.  Key concepts: crafts, nature, bark, trees, art

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A collection of recycled materials like plastic bottles, rubber bands, and paper

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Watching and Reflecting,

Beady Bracelets

Want to get creative with recycled paper? Potato the Chicken has the perfect craft for you! Learn how to make a super cool beady bracelet out of paper. Brace yourself for an egg-strordinary activity! Key concepts: paper, recycle, crafts, activities, reuse, bracelet

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Young asian boy blowing dandelion seeds

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Experiments, Watching and Reflecting,

Seeds on the Move

The movement of seeds away from mature/adult plants is called seed dispersal. When seeds are spread far and wide, both the parent plants and the seedlings have better access to space, water, sun and nutrients. Seed dispersal also contributes to biodiversity and provides valuable food for many animal species. Read more about seed dispersal and […]

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Hands holding fresh compost material in the shape of a heart

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Experiments, Outdoor Experiences, Watching and Reflecting,

Nature Recycles

Decomposers are nature’s recyclers. When plants and animals die, decomposers break them down and release nutrients back into the environment where other living organisms can use them. By composting organic wastes, such as food scraps and garden cuttings, we are reducing the amount of waste going into landfill sites and we are creating a resource […]

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A young boy and girl in the forest pointing at birds

Activities: Communicating, Outdoor Experiences, Watching and Reflecting,

Bird Bingo

Are you heading for a nature hike? Perfect! Bring along your Bird Bingo card. Potato the Chicken says that people can’t stop raven about it! Key Concepts: Birds, bingo, water, water appreciation, nature, scavenger hunt, outside

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