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Conceptual image of the earth being covered in a forest with a road and a single car

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Watching and Reflecting,

Goal 7

Hydrogen doesn’t just fall under our theme of Clean Energy, it also connects directly with Goal 7 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that is all about ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.  Learn about Sustainable Development and Energy at the United Nations website. Then answer these questions: 1. Why is […]

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Image of a lightbulb with the earth inside of it planted in the soil

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Experiments, Watching and Reflecting,

Today’s Challenges

Let’s dive deeper into Clean Energy! Learn about the challenges and solutions to Affordable and Clean Energy here. Tap into everyone’s creative talents to come up with solutions to the Clean Energy challenges. You can illustrate, draw, make a video, write a story. Let your creative innovation run wild! Key concepts: trees, ecosystem, life, nature, […]

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Image of a hydro electric dam on a river

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Experiments, Watching and Reflecting,

Build a Hydro Power Machine

Hydroelectricity is a way of using the energy of moving water to produce electricity. Water moves from a high point, like a dam, through special turbines that spin generators to create electricity. Let’s explore hydroelectricity in more detail with this experiment from the Ontario Science Centre, where you get to build your own hydro power […]

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Cardboard pizza boxes stacked and one pizza box open revealing a delicious pizza

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Experiments, Watching and Reflecting,

Solar Oven

Make a Pizza-Box Solar Oven! What is the new trend for pizza boxes? Making a solar oven, of course! Try this experiment to be amazed by the power of solar energy. Key concepts: crafts, recycle, pizza box, energy

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A single beautiful tree in a grassy field with a blue sky

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Experiments, Watching and Reflecting,

Trees, Please

Trees are essential to life on the planet. Among many things, they provide food and shelter for other living organisms, reduce soil erosion, store carbon and produce oxygen, essential for our very survival. Forests are important to our planet and we need to protect them. Find out more about trees through activities, experiments, and discussions. Trees, […]

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Reduce Reuse and Recycle symbols overlaid on an image of a forest from above

Activities: Activities, Communicating, Outdoor Experiences, Watching and Reflecting,

Waste Warriors

Calling all Waste Warriors! Nature recycles everything. Nothing is created or destroyed, it is just transformed. There is no “waste” in nature because, sooner or later, all organic matter becomes food for living organisms. Sadly, the same cannot be said for many human-made materials—such as some plastics. Discover activities and information on how to become […]

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